Manufacturing in 2011- Growth Ahead, or Hype?

Lately we have been hearing conflicting reports in the news about economic recovery.  Some are reporting that growth has occurred, especially in manufacturing.  Others are reporting that hardships are still prevalent and growth isn’t occurring as quickly as we might think. 

Examples of such articles are:

U.S. Still Holds Title As World’s No. 1 Manufacturer, MBT magazine:

Industrial Heartland Showing Signs of Life, MSNBC: 

Manufacturing in New York Region Accelerates in January, Bloomberg:  

Weekly Industry Crib Sheet: Unemployment Rate Finally Shrinks, from IMT:

What manufacturers are expecting in 2011, from IMT:

Bernanke Encouraged by Drop in Unemployment, Cautions Full Recovery Will Take Years, from Fox News:

Productivity and Costs, Fourth Quarter and Annual Averages 2010, Preliminary, from US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics:  


Here at ProfitKey, we hear some customers expect large growth in 2011.  Also our new and existing customer sales have picked up over the past couple months, but we wonder if all in manufacturing are seeing the same thing.  Growth in 2011–Is it media hype or reality?  What are your experiences and opinions?  Where do you think manufacturers in the US really stand? 

Posted by Joe DiZazzo, President and CEO, ProfitKey International
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