Why so ‘Real’? An explanation about our tagline “Real Solutions. Real Support. Real Commitment.”

Lately there have been people asking us to explain why we place so much emphasis on the word “Real” in association with our business.  We chose the company tagline “Real Solutions. Real Support. Real Commitment.”  because we feel it best describes what we offer  manufacturers.  Too often we hear that ERP vendors aren’t trusted and can mislead manufacturers into regrettable decisions, and we want the marketplace to know that we back up our claims.  We don’t just tell you we do something, we show you we do it.  There are plenty of horror stories of unhappy customers who are disappointed with the solution, support, or commitment they receive from their vendor.  Being sold a bill of goods and told “you are going to be a showcase account for us” all sounds good, but will the vendor stand behind those words?  Will they provide not only the right solution, but the real support and commitment needed to make your implementation run smoothly?  Our customers don’t end up feeling like a number in the crowd.  They are part of an organization that cares about them as a business and partner in their success.  What we tell our customers, we deliver on and hopefully surpass expectations, and our continual 95% customer retention rate can attest to that fact. 

For a further explanation, check out our company brochure http://www.profitkey.com/pdfs/CompanyBrochure.pdf

Posted by Lindsey Shinners, Director of Marketing, ProfitKey International
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