Customer Support: Does your vendor remember you after the sale?

How many times have you purchased a product from a company that “stands behind what they sell” only to find out that trying to get help from the support group is like jumping out of a plane without a parachute?  The fall is fun and the views are great, but the landing not so much.

This is extremely critical when purchasing mission-critical products like ERP systems. When your system is down or you’re trying to close a month end and you’ve run into a problem, you need to know your vendor is there to help you through it.  Not all problems are easy to solve and some need research and time to complete, but that first response is critical.  Knowing that when you open an incident it is going to be viewed quickly provides you with a certain comfort factor.  Certainly, incidents are not always resolved on a first time call, but knowing someone has it and is looking at ways to help is critical.

Make sure you ask any reference you speak with not only about the product features and how they may help your business, but how well does the vendor stand behind their offering.

Posted by Laura Belmonte, Senior Technical Support Representative
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2 Responses to Customer Support: Does your vendor remember you after the sale?

  1. Sandra says:

    So true! With ProfitKey you are not only purchasing a product but gaining a trustworthy relationship.

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