Reviews and Rankings: Software Buyers Beware

Word of caution to those in the market for software and performing research: most reviews and rankings of software solutions are completely biased.  Most require at least a nominal fee to “be reviewed” and some even rank the best systems by most sponsorship given.  Yes, everyone has to make money somehow, but I have been frustrated as a marketer to find how many of these seemingly informational sites are mostly  another venue for big marketing spend.  Do you know of any informative and unbiased sites out there that you find/found helpful?  They are hard to come by.  Just how trusting are people of the information out there?  Take this poll—we’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Posted by Lindsey Shinners, Director of Marketing, ProfitKey International
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One Response to Reviews and Rankings: Software Buyers Beware

  1. Francisco says:

    I have definitely seen this happen with reviews in a different industry I worked in previously. Each year they held a bid to determine the ranking order. The review company would be paid per click (lead), the higher ranking companies paid more per click. Some reviews were industry exclusive while others reviewed everything from consumer electronics to financial services, which made them appear trustworthy. While there are some legitimate review companies out there, it is imperative that you do more research on the review company as well as the company being reviewed.

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