3 Questions To Determine If A System Has Real-Time Capabilities

As stated in our White Paper discussing the buzz word “Real-Time”, many products and ERP vendors claim to have real-time capabilities.  The term is used in many different ways, and it can be confusing to understand what the realities are in specific systems.  To help you figure out and compare the real-time features of systems, we have come up with a question checklist below:

1)       My schedule has been put out to the floor and I have just made a change to it due to a major customer order.  Will the shop floor MES system know about this change as soon as I’ve made it?

2)      I’ve just finished a job on the shop floor ahead of schedule freeing up capacity.  Does my scheduler know I have that space available as soon as it happens?

3)      If sales takes an order and materials are not available does purchasing know?

If the answers to these three simple questions is anything other than yes then your real time system may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

And remember, as always, if the answer is yes make sure you ask a vendor to show you the answers to these questions, don’t just take their word for it

Posted by Joe Di Zazzo, President & CEO, ProfitKey International
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