Blogs, Posts, and Tweets… Oh My!

Technology continues to progress by leaps and bounds while traditional communication takes a back seat to this vast world we call the ‘social media’.  The real question is this, “What are you getting out of it”?

The phenomenon of Facebook, Twitter, and personal/business diaries, better known as blogs, are flooding the internet.  More and more companies are jumping at the helm for what they see as free advertising, cross-promoting, and even lead generation.  Now, there are some obvious pros and cons to these spaces: The pros: access to potential clients, ‘free parking’, brand awareness, etc.  The cons: Distraction from daily duties, hard to track success, and the main question, “Is your target even listening?”

This last point seems to be most pressing.  How do we make sure our message does not go unheard?  Specifically, in the manufacturing world, while smart phones are now used by nearly half of the U.S. population, daily access and even general awareness to these media appear to be a headlining struggle.

Posted by Jason Rourke, Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International
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2 Responses to Blogs, Posts, and Tweets… Oh My!

  1. Don Hebert says:

    Some of us are listening.

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