ERP consultants – Worth the money? When are they helpful?

In the immense world of manufacturing, shop floor managers to CEO’s battle daily with the wants, needs, and ever-changing demands of their clients.  They constantly struggle over the best way to meet and, hopefully, exceed those demands while minimizing bottlenecks.   Many have struggled to the point where an (ERP) system might be the only way to keep their sinking ship afloat, while others have done so well that an ERP system is necessary to keep up with their escalating performance and pace.  Either direction, most companies have now asked themselves “How and where do I start looking?” 

Many have sought out the advice of professional ERP consultants, simply because they do not know any better.  If you have not been exposed to an ERP system already, it will probably seem like a second language to you; however, the questions ‘whom should I seek advice from and when, and if at all, is it the right time to seek a consultant’ may be just as pressing.

When working with an ERP consultant it is critical that the consultant understands your business and what issues your company is facing.  It is important that the consultant knows how to truly evaluate a system and not have their mind made up before a search even begins.  Consultants should be as independent as possible to insure they are working in your best interest.  Consultants, who push a particular vendor right out of the gate, may have something to gain from that vendor’s selection and may steer you in their direction regardless of the fit.

Know your pain points, make sure your consultant knows your pain points and, most of all, be sure the software selections that are chosen can satisfy your company’s needs.  Any vendor who can meet your needs will be more than willing to use your data to show you they can meet or exceed your expectations.

Finding the right consultant may not be easy, but they are out there and can be very beneficial, especially to those who have little or no experience with ERP systems.  The only true way to know if it was worth it is after you are up and running and the system selection proves itself out.

Posted by Joe Di Zazzo, President & CEO, ProfitKey International
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3 Responses to ERP consultants – Worth the money? When are they helpful?

  1. Excellent article. It is also important that a consultant conducts effective knowledge transfer with the customer. Following is an article that discusses how a knowledge transfer plan should be created.

  2. Alex Shahery says:

    Where do you look and what do you search for to find a good ERP consultant? We are a small to medium sized distribution company based in Long Island, New York. Thanks.

    • Alex,

      Great to hear from you and thank you for the comment. First, you need to determine your wants, needs and pains and determine if a consultant is what you really need [Time vs. Money]. If you do determine a consultant is needed, there are a few non-biased agencies out there, that I know of, that really do a good job of focusing on the end user, rather than simply promoting the companies that give them the most money. TEC (Technology Evaluations Center along with Pemeco, ( out of Canada, are two I would recommend. Again, their focus is on finding the right ERP for your industry and, more importantly, what you do as a company, not how they can put the most money back into their own pockets. At the end of the day an honest ERP and/or consultant will focus on you to ensure everything works out for the long-term.

      I hope this helps, best of luck in your search, and let us know if you have any other questions or if we can help in any way.


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