That Which Is Not ‘Real’

E-Manufacturing, ERP, Virtual Server

If your company is short on hardware and your main goal is to minimize infrastructure costs by watching every dollar you spend, you might want to heavily consider the virtual world.

We always recommend testing a new release of ERP software on a virtual / test server scenario before going live with it.  Examine the various options with multiple virtual machine products.   As pointed out by one of our customers, “The trend toward virtualization, the cost of creating test servers is coming down quite a bit.  The flexibility and benefits of virtualization tools such as VMware have become quite compelling.”

We currently have customers running both production and test environments on the “big three” virtual environments: VMWare, XEN, & Hyper-V.  What particular advantages have you seen or, disadvantages, if any?  If you are using virtual servers, clients or virtual tools, let us know your cost savings.  Maybe you can use a percentage of the savings as a Cost Savings Idea Bonus.

Posted by Debbie McCall, Account Manager, ProfitKey International
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