Software Manufacturers Use Social Networking To Increase Visibility

Software Manufacturers Use Social Networking To Increase Visibility

Working together is much better than not at all.

Marketing has rapidly changed over the past few years and every expert in and close to that field of employment will quickly agree. Today, specific for the manufacturing software sector, it is a particularly challenging task to take a brand (company) name from little to no name recognition and turn it into an industry standard.  While nothing is guaranteed, the new marketing tactics afford many new opportunities.

Thanks to the ever-growing internet’s social communication channels, a few great manufacturing (and marketing) related partnerships, with a strong social networking drive; this is exactly where we are heading. Climbing into the new marketing arena opens many doors of opportunities.  Those who are aggressively working the SEO channels are able to reach new plateaus for getting the word out to new prospects which ultimately drive leads with the possibilities of greater sales potential.

One partnership, in particular, which is also the basis of this blog, has been our on-going work with MTI Systems, the developer of Costimator, cost estimating, quoting and process planning software for manufacturing along with their marketing manager, Jay Snow, who has provided much insight empowering us towards achieving SEO success for ProfitKey.   Upon my recent hire, I was faced with an immediate obstacle, which many marketers understandably face in today’s economy:  a very tight budget.  I noticed that our strategic partnerships, other than feeding dollars and product value for the benefit of each other, were not optimizing enough of the strong bonds they could be and once had.  Needing to constantly think outside the box, I approached MTI Systems with an idea that we would start a social related cross-promotion plan with a focus on SEO.  With my creative and social media background and Jay’s guru-like SEO ability, we seem to be developing the kind of partnership that SEO success and social communications is all about – spoken with real marketing desire “a perfect fit.”  With this said, the major question remains: “How can we help each other?”

We’ve started simple: following one another on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and then liking our content, re-tweeting blogs and posts, connecting and grouping (?), etc.   We did this for two standard reasons:  I’ll tell my friends about you, you tell your friends about me, and then we can all be friends.  Secondly, the idea that if you tell (7) people, then they tell (7) people, the sky is the limit.  You can start to see where this is heading, in regards to the social media.  Now, what’s even more important was combining two brains into one and constantly pushing each other with, hopefully, great ideas to consistently produce relevant material for these media and our industries.

The biggest struggle we face is the fact that we are in such a tough market that it will be a battle for these ideas to work on the level we hope and dream it will someday. Research has shown that only 63% of industrial workers have daily/work access to those said media ( see Social Media Use In The Industrial Sector), We now must ask ourselves how do we make sure we optimize what we are doing to make sure it is worth all the trouble.

We don’t feel we’re giving away any big secrets by doing this, nor are we asking for any marketing tips.  However, we are curious what avenues others in this space have utilized, what has worked, and what has crashed and burned.  Our methodology is that inbound marketing is the future, whether you like it or not, and the only way to truly test these theories is by constantly plugging away.  It will certainly be hard work, but the potential is definitely there.

Posted by Jason Rourke, Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International
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