[New Poll] Obama Speech To Congress Addressing Manufacturing Jobs : Where Do You See YOUR Future?

President Obama Speech To Manufacturing CompaniesAs we gear up for another exciting season of NFL Football, and thank goodness there is a season, President Barack Obama gears up to address Congress.  His speech will be aired on Thursday night (before the start of the football games, don’t worry) and he will look to attack the issues of the imposing job deficit.  Specifically, this speech does tie into his recent strategy towards creating more jobs in the manufacturing industry, which is already well on its way.   For an Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, software company, this is an exciting time as we hope to see significant growth within small to medium sized manufacturing companies, or job shops.  The real question is where you see your own company progressing in the next six months.  We have included a poll (below) with some different options.  As always, feel free to comment or address this topic while it’s hot on the plate.

Last but not least, good luck to our New England Patriots !

Posted by Jason Rourke, Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International
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2 Responses to [New Poll] Obama Speech To Congress Addressing Manufacturing Jobs : Where Do You See YOUR Future?

  1. First of all, “thank goodness there is a football season” – amen to that.

    We’re really doing a combination of hiring, training, adding new machines, and reorganizing our facility to accomodate growth. (Plus we just rented a new warehouse). In 6 months I see us realizing some benefits our efforts over the past year and keeping the cycle of building, planning, growing going.

    By the way, we also just launched a ebook “5 Keys to Survival Post Recession” where we share some ways that manufacturers can lower supply chain costs, raise profits and compete in an increasingly competitive market.

    Oh and *cough* Go Cowboys

    • profitkey says:

      Not sure if it’s the best time to be a Cowboys fan, but it is certainly great to hear than many companies out there are expanding when the industry has been verbally put down on many occasions.

      Thank you for sharing the E-book, always good to have helpful information out there that can really benefit the industry as a whole.

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