Manufacturing Company Celebrates Recent Success At Mohegan Sun Casino

Manufacturing Company Celebrates At Mohegan SunOver the course of the past few months alone, ProfitKey has been fortunate to host, travel to, and even webcast numerous product demos.  This has been thanks to diligent and hard work by everyone on the PKI team; from the telemarketing efforts, to the great combination of sales and customer service, up through our diversely located business partners.  With all of the positive happenings going on in the world of ProfitKey, our annual ‘Employee Appreciation Day’ could not have come at a better time.

Exposure, advertising, and big name competition are a few of the challenges that a smaller company will face, but as long as the product can speak for itself, smaller companies are often times the ones that flourish the most.  On the other side, belonging to a tight knit group, pride, dedication to the company and fun are only a few of the pros that can be associated.  We’re proud to have all of them.

On top of taking a working day and spending it outside the office, our CEO, Joe Di Zazzo, offered up a list of locations and activities for us, the employees and ProfitKey team to choose from.  After a tight race of voting, it was decided that Mohegan Sun’s resort and Casino would be this years’ adventure spot.  In the past, employees have had serious ‘laser’ battles, raced around one of New England’s most exciting go-cart tracks, and were even treated to the same place where the Boston Bruin’s players celebrate their recent Stanley Cup victory.  This year it was all about bright flashing lights.

Arriving to the PKI parking lot early Monday morning we did not know what to expect.  First surprise was the limo bus party that soon pulled in and greeted us.  Stocked with champagne we were well on our way to a great time.  The casino was no let down.  At the door, we were all given free betting slips and food buffet coupons as a part of our group trip (by the way the buffet was amazing).  Of course, some split off to adventure into the different parts of the casino on their own, but each core group had a great time, no one went home empty handed, and we even had a few extra lucky winners.

Tuesday morning came quick but the energy and excitement from Monday certainly seemed to spill over into the first official full-staff training day of Q4.  The buzz from recent demo successes would’ve been easily enough to get this crew going, but the appreciation day had a magical touch to Day 1.   From financials, to payroll integration, scheduling to labor reporting, and more, the group kept bouncing one great idea after another off each other.  I can tell you this, from a marketing standpoint, there is no greater feeling than knowing your already established product is backed by a strong group who is dedicated to always looking for new ways to improve.

Posted by Jason Rourke, Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International
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