Do You Have A “Bet the Farm” Backup For Your Manufacturing ERP Data?

Backup your manufacturing dataDo you wake up in cold sweats from nightmares of your cloud or data system crashing, losing years of important data?  Do you still have filing cabinets the height of the Prudential building and paper trails as long as the Charles River?  If so, it is certainly not uncommon to feel this way, especially in the manufacturing industry.  Like many job shops, there can often be a feeling of insecurity when it comes to your data; but this does not need to be the case.

Recently, after years of walking in every morning, talking to the servers (yes, IT guys talk to their servers :)) and automatically changing a tape we started looking at other avenues to perform these backups.  The notion actually turned out to be a very important decision as, in a short period of time, the tape drive failed.  Shortly after the tape drive failed, one of the hard disks failed as well.  Thankfully, we had been placing the data on to inexpensive USB drives that we cycle in and out of our facility on a weekly basis and we were able to replace the drive and not have any data loss.

With all of the weather related storms this year and other man-made catastrophes, many of our customers have had to call up their “Bet the Farm” backups for disaster recovery.  From fires that took out entire facilities, to floods, and most recently power outages caused by hurricanes and snow storms, you should be thinking about the question of where you have a good backup that you can depend on.

As the majority of our customers are running Oracle databases, the old standby for the easiest portability still is the export.  These should be running on a daily basis and we have customers that run them twice a day.  Most of these files can be compressed by an average of 85%, so they easily fit on the smaller USB “Stick” drives and they don’t get much more portable than that!

SQL Server customers can also compress their SQL Server Management Studio backups as well, and again they easily fit on a “stick”.

Being an old Boy Scout, a former Boy Scout Scoutmaster, and the proud dad of my own Eagle Scout, the old motto comes to mind of “Be Prepared”.  Catastrophes will not go away, hardware WILL fail, and it’s all just a “matter of time” game before it happens to you! You can win this game, so don’t be caught by surprise!

Posted by Alan Kreifels, MCTS
Sr. IT Consultant, ProfitKey International
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