Manufacturing Software: Navigation Made Easier

Most manufacturing applications have navigation tools to help with data entry and cut down on processing time; however, many times users get caught up in the implementation and learning of the product and don’t take the time to learn the navigation of it.

The application should, and most often does, provide the user with quick references, queries, hot keys, etc. , but new software users should spend their time becoming familiar with the navigation of the application first.  With this knowledge the end user can obtain cut down on processing time in the work place.

  • Some tools that are commonly found within manufacturing software applications are browsers. The browse is identified on a master key field during data entry. The browse can help a user locate a customer id, vendor id, item id, etc. simply by entering the starting few letters of the id. This will bring the user into the browse listing at that position.
  • Another tool for looking up existing data that has already entered is query buttons. Querying on a listing of entered data will allow the user to find the information more quickly to reference to.
  • The user should locate the hot keys.  Applications associate a Ctrl key with an Alpha character to obtain a task, such as Ctrl A would add the record to the database.
  • You will also find drag and drop features within manufacturing applications especially where product structures need to be built.
  • Manufacturing software applications provide multiple levels of menus used in processing.  Some applications will have the capability to right mouse click on selected information or to move onto the next level of the application.

Every software user should look for these tools to help with navigation or contact their software support for training on these tips.

Posted by Laura Belmonte
Technical Support Sr. Financial Team Leader
ProfitKey International
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