ERP Software Helps Electronic Contract Manufacturer Find Sales Growth

Proxy Manufacturing, Inc., originally founded as SDF Electronics, an Electronic Contract Manufacturer servicing a vast array of markets and assemblies from military, medical, automotive, RF, commercial, flexible circuits and fully integrated services, recently increased their sales by over 30% by utilizing ProfitKey International’s Rapid Response Manufacturing (RRM) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.

The Challenge

Proxy’s technical expertise and ability to keep up with technology has allowed them to support today’s technologies yet remain flexible to yesterdays, as well.  Because of this, Proxy had grown. They had even grown to the point that it was very challenging to stay in control of their processes and to have visibility they needed to make informative decisions.  Information was not easily shared across the organization leaving them prone to error and unreliable results.  They had realized that without manufacturing efficiency, they would lose one of the cornerstones to their business plan.

Having no ERP or system in place, Proxy’s data systems and processes were disconnected.   They needed an ERP system that had the ability to tie each step of their process together: pricing, inventory planning, lot tracking, accounting, and shipping.

The Solution

Proxy began an intense search to find a system that came complete with an integrated ERP and MES, allowing all of the components to manage customer’s orders, from start to finish.  They examined solutions that allowed them to easily collect data on labor, machine utilization, jobs, set-up & downtime from a single operator system.  Also, they required a complete financial accounting system.  ProfitKey’s RRM stood above as one of the only ERP products to meet all of these requirements seamlessly and in real-time.

Since implementation, productivity and visibility has grown significantly leading to a 30% increase in sales, due to customer confidence and satisfaction

According to Kathy Dugas, Controller at Proxy,  “We know we’ve only scratched the surface of the power and benefits the RRM system can provide.”

About Proxy Manufacturing

Entering its 25th year in business Proxy is located in a state of the art facility in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Servicing the Commercial, Industrial, and Defense Sectors, Proxy is ISO 9001:2008 certified, received ITAR registration approval, has all of their technicians certified by IPC, and recently added a high speed line to improve quality and throughput, and much more!

Posted by Jason Rourke, Director of Marketing, ProfitKey International
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