Manufacturing ERP Helps Capital Equipment Sales Grow Over 200 Percent

Ellicott® Dredges, one of the oldest and most successful dredging equipment companies in the world, has been supplying dredging equipment to governments, municipalities, contractors, sand and gravel operators, port authorities, and marina operators for over 125 years.   With the help of an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system, Ellicott has been able to increase sales over 200 percent over recent years.

As a world renowned dredging equipment supply company, Ellicott® has sold over 1500 dredges in 80 countries, with their headquarters located in Baltimore, MD.  Ellicott has been excelling with ProfitKey International‘s Rapid Response Manufacturing ERP system for almost 25 years!

The Challenge

Ellicott had been using an ERP system which was adequate for releasing orders but it was a batch system and its scheduling was not dynamic.  Except for the system generated reports, it was impossible to access the data stored without custom programs being written.  Ellicott knew they needed a dynamic ERP to continue to grow and compete on a high level.

The Solution

According to Ellicott, they had a long list of 23 ERP solutions to evaluate and a short list of five.  ProfitKey offered a custom manufacturing system, encompassing a vast set of core modules allowing instant communication from the shop floor to the front office, versus a standard and traditional MRP.  Amongst many attributes that allowed ProfitKey to stand above the 22 competing ERP systems , the scheduling and report items RRM offered were highly coveted.  ProfitKey meet all of their requirements, and more, providing a product that worked seamlessly and in real-time.

The accessibility of information and power and flexibility of the system allowed Ellicott the ability to design and release on the fly, improve scheduling, and reduce overhead.  Having ‘real-time’ data and the ability to access it as they needed was key.

The Reaction and Future

Since implementation, Ellicott has grown its sales by over 200%!  In 2004 a sister company, LWT, LLC, with a new state-of-the-art plant in Wisconsin, started utilizing RRM.  In March of 2011, Ellicott acquired Rohr GMBH in Mannheim, Germany.

After 24 years with ProfitKey, Ellicott still feels there is so much untapped potential with RRM.  Marty Barnes, Ellicott’s COO, states, “We are very much interested in adding new interfaces to the RRM system and finding new methods to extract and manipulate data. There is so much more we can do.”

Posted by Jason Rourke, Director of Marketing, ProfitKey International
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