IMTS 2012 Spotlight: ERP Software for ETO Manufacturers

The International Manufacturing Technology Show (better known as IMTS) is North America’s largest manufacturing technology trade show.  Every even numbered year manufacturing companies nationwide come together in a neutral location to exhibit, discuss, educate, share, and network with one another on all the latest technological and industrial advances.  The shared ultimate goal is to continue to grow and improve the rapidly evolving industry that is manufacturing. 

As an attendee, you can visit the IMTS website to look ahead and plan your week accordingly, making sure to skip over the irrelevant, while focusing on your particular target exhibitors, using their “MyShow” application.  If you’ve been to the show before, you might have a good idea of what to expect.  If not, you’ll want to have a plan mapped out as the show has proven to be overwhelming to some.

If you belong to a manufacturing company whose focus is on custom engineer to order products (ETO, MTS, or mixed-mode), there is a good chance you will be heading to the show hoping to catch a glimpse into what is happening in the ERP world (Enterprise Resource Planning).  This holds especially true if you supply to the aerospace and defense, medical, communication, or other various industries that require you to have a quality system in place.

For those not familiar with ERP, it often helps manage growth, reduces costs and labor time, and simply makes your business run smoother and more efficiently with everything dealing from your shop floor to your front office.  More specifically, a well-rounded ERP will cover everything in the core system from quoting to cash, making your daily life easier while allowing you to focus on what’s most important: Growing your business.

Doing your homework prior to September will be extremely beneficial to you so you’re able to ask the right questions and get the most out of each vendor, to utilize your time as best as possible.  Make sure they take right into the heart of the product and be leery of those who will only show you a power point presentation.

About ProfitKey International – IMTS Booth # N6979

For over 30 years, ProfitKey International has been a leader in providing manufacturing ERP system software for small to mid-sized companies who are looking to increase efficiency; specifically, in the areas of shop floor scheduling, communications, inventory management, labor reporting, cost tracking, and more.  Through a loyal customer base, and use of ProfitKey’s RRM (Rapid Response Manufacturing) System we are proud to have seen customers experience dramatic improvements in qualityon-time delivery, and cash flow through the use of ProfitKey.

Today, that tradition continues with our new technology, new innovations, and new services. ProfitKey directly implements and supports Rapid Response Manufacturing ® Software from 10 offices nationwide. Over 1,200 customers with over 21,000 users have implemented ProfitKey software in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Far East.

Rapid Response Manufacturing ® is the industry’s only fully integrated product suite that provides robust document management and workflow capabilities, making it the only paperless manufacturing solution on the market.

To Connect with ProfitKey prior to IMTS, you can call 800-331-2754 or e-mail
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