Boy Scout Uses Manufacturing Software To “Be Prepared” For Eagle Scouts – The Finale

Eagle Scout Uses Manufacturing ERP SoftwareWhen we last left the story of my son, Owen, who was working toward his Eagle Scout rank in Boy Scouts , almost a year ago, Owen had just finished the biggest piece of the Eagle Scout rank, the Service Project.  His project was to build a walkway for our local church, to provide a safe and stable walking surface for employees and visitors to the church offices.  With the help of ProfitKey’s ERP (enterprise resource planning software) manufacturing software, Owen completed his project and earned the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout.  

The thing that was a little different about other such projects was that Owen had approached me to ask whether we could use ProfitKey’s Rapid Response Manufacturing to track the volunteer hours and materials costs.  His idea was to use a bar coded ‘traveler’ for the project steps, clock in the volunteers as the came and went, issue the materials into the walkway job, then report to the Eagle Board of Review for his final acceptance as Eagle Scout.

He and I worked on preparing the bill of materials (sand, brick, edging, etc) and routings (trench dig, base layer, lay brick) into the ProfitKey system.  We then added all the scouts and their parents as ‘Operators’, and brought a laptop and scanner to the job site.

Needless to say, the scouts (and their dads) thought the scanner was pretty cool, and Owen captured all the activity throughout the build phase of the project.

When the project was complete, ProfitKey Labor reports went into his Project Workbook for the summary of the entire project.

The big night came, where Owen had to go before the Eagle Scout Board of Review, made up of Scout executives from our district.  He went in with his scoutmaster and his Eagle Scout advisor, while I sat out in the hallway.  It reminded me of those old TV shows where the expectant father waited in a smoke-filled waiting room for the birth of a child.

When Owen went before the Eagle Scout Board of Review, He presented his workbook, and was able to answer all the questions asked of him about his management of the project.  The ProfitKey labor reports were a big hit with the Board of Review, as were the copies of the bar coded traveler.

The board members were especially impressed with his initiative to use the ProfitKey software for scanning the volunteers.

Owen passed his Board of Review with flying colors!  At the conclusion of the Review, Owen was a newly minted Eagle Scout, and his parents and we at ProfitKey could not be more proud!  To be involved in this type of service project was a real treat for all of us at ProfitKey International.

Congratulations, Owen!

Written by Ken Hayes CPIM, OCP
Vice President, Product Development
ProfitKey International
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  1. Don Hebert says:

    Great story! Very cool.

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