Tips To Help Balance Manufacturing Supply and Demand With ERP

Manufacturing Supply and demanWith the Presidential election just a few mere weeks away, there are a lot of rumors about what is to come in the manufacturing industry.  Will there be significant change, funds added, or funds cut, especially in the aerospace and defense industries?

Many manufacturers have spoken out, including customers and prospects of ours, who are genuinely worried and have cut back on certain expenditures in order to minimize risk for 2013.  With that said, the one trend which remains true is, regardless of what happens in the marketplace, more and more manufacturers are realizing that in order to continue growing and competing at a high level, they need a manufacturing system in place to help with their visibility on their shop floor through the front office and to increase quality, on-time delivery, and cash flow, amongst many other areas.

In collaboration with Pemeco Consulting, an unbiased and independent agency who helps and assists with ERP selection, implementation, project management, and business requirements assessment services, we have provided a small series of webinar videos (click here) that discuss various trends throughout manufacturing, highlighting on how many are expressing similar pains in their current processes.

Five Tips To Balance Manufacturing Supply & Demand

Are you confident that MRP (material resource planning) purchase recommendations reflect actual inventory requirements?  Do you know whether sales order promise dates account for actual materials, capacity, and scheduling constraints? If you answer “no” to these and similar questions, your manufacturing business might want to think about how it can leverage ERP (enterprise resource planning) software to improve customer service and operating efficiency.

This video series will help teach and talk upon critical ERP Tips to Achieving Enterprise Integration, including, but not limited, to the following:

– Gain valuable tips on how to optimize your manufacturing operations by synchronizing demand with supply.
– Gain real-time insights into operations to ensure accurate and profitable order quotes.
– Lean out your supply chain by improving inventory & production control.
– Improve quality, on-time delivery, cash flow, & more!
– Save yourself time and $$ on shop floor management techniques.

For the purpose of this session, we will focus on ETO (engineer-to-order) manufacturing companies who are a small to mid-sized business.

Thank you for watching!

Posted by Jason Rourke
Director of Marketing, ProfitKey International

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