APICS Extra Live: The Perils Of Procedural Intertia

Pool Intertia“If you ask a physicist about inertia, you will learn that it’s the tendency of matter to remain either at rest or in uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.  It’s the reason a loaded shopping cart is difficult to get moving – and then even more difficult to stop, let alone turn.  Those of us who reside in the world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementations know inertia can apply to a host of things – and it can make them just as challenging to start, stop, or change.”

– Craig Schrotter, CPIM (APICS Certified) & Senior Applications Engineer for ProfitKey 

This excerpt is from the article “A Breakaway from the Routine – Escaping the trap of procedural inertia” and can be found in the July/August publication of APICS magazine.  The article is an abbreviated version of a white paper produced by Mr. Schrotter, of a similar title, and focuses on the struggles many manufacturing companies face when attempting to make changes within an organization and the resistance that often follows.

As a follow-up to the article, visit APICS.org/extra to register for a free webinar presentation that will look to provide a deeper insight into this discussion.

APICS Extra Live: The Perils of Procedural Inertia

Presented by: Craig Schrotter, CPIM
Date: August 8, 2013
Time: 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m. CT
Attend APICS Extra Live to gain deeper insight into the July/August article “A Breakaway from the Routine,” by Craig Schrotter, CPIM. Schrotter will use two real-world case studies to illustrate practical ways to make your business procedures more practical, streamlined, and productive.

In this APICS Extra Live, you will learn how to

  • clarify the difference between simple resistance to change and true procedural inertia
  • avoid the phenomenon of procedure saturation and the resulting cap on business growth
  • successfully overcome procedural inertia.
This is a member-only event. To register, please login in the upper-right hand corner of the website with your member account. Or to become an APICS member, click here.
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