Manufacturing Software: Friend or Enemy? A Roundtable Discussion

NTMA Fall Conference LogoManufacturing software has been around for many years and has grown from simple material planning to enterprise-wide systems, tying your entire shop floor and front office together.  Many manufacturers still consider systems such as ERP (enterprise resource planing) as a commodity, overwhelming, or simply unnecessary, if they’ve even considered it at all.  This bodes especially true for small to mid-sized manufacturers who have been trapped in a ‘procedural inertia‘ or those who rely on various accounting systems and excel spreadsheets.

If you have the distinct opportunity of being a member of the NTMA (National Tooling & Machining Association), then you might already be aware of the roundtable discussion, next week, focusing on these very concerns. 

The NTMA’s annual fall conference, held October 16-19 at the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston MA., will be its members opportunity to directly interact and network with each other, national associate members (or sponsored vendors), association staff & chapter executives, and other industry experts.

Amongst the vast schedule of events is the manufacturing software roundtable and panel discussion.  This unique Q&A session will allow members to ask vendor panelists specific pressing questions to address industry or individual trends, concerns, and hopes for the future.  General discussions will follow the over-arching questions of “What can I accomplish but utilizing a manufacturing software system?  What are the ROI (return on investment) factors?  Can ERP truly address my needs while saving me time AND money?

If you are interested on how you can become an NTMA member and attend the fall conference, visit .

As always, we welcome you to comment or send us a message with any questions or suggestions!

Posted by Jason Rourke
Sales & Marketing Manager, ProfitKey International
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