Federal Grants Help Provide Manufacturing Jobs & Training

VP Joe Biden Speaking At NH Works Conference

VP Joe Biden Speaking At NH Works Conference

OJT, or On-the-Job Training, is a federally funded program that no one seems to know about.  Here, in New Hampshire, OJT works through the New Hampshire Works and is a part of the Workforce Incentive Act (WIA).

There are a great number of skilled people that remain unemployed today.  As time goes by, their skill set can become stale.  That’s where the OJT program comes in.  Individuals that have been unemployed for at least 16 weeks can qualify for this program.  Not only is this program great for these particular candidates, but the OJT program provides assistance to manufacturers with placement and, more importantly, financial assistance to train these potential new employees.

Through the WIA, the unemployed can also receive training services designed to keep them up to date with the latest requirements needed to return to the workforce. This service is available as soon as a person is laid off or furloughed.

Our latest hire, an IT support tech position, came as a result of the employees involvement with the program. His resume and cover letter was referred by the OJT program and it was appealing to ProfitKey, as an employer, given what the program provides. Prospective employees are provided with an opportunity to hone their skills through various training programs and activities. Employers benefit from meeting with individuals that have the needed knowledge base to perform the duties of the positions they’re looking to fill. There are no fees with hiring someone in the program and, in fact, there is a financial benefit to doing so. The OJT program actually reimburses you for a percentage of the candidate’s annual compensation during the training period your company provides to the new hire. The new hire was even able to meet Mr. Vice President Biden (shown in the picture, above) for his involvement and success with the program.

If you’ve heard about about the program, great! If not, certainly take the opportunity to look into it. If you are outside of New Hampshire, there are still opportunities at your individual state as this is nationwide program. To hear more about this program and to see how the process works, watch the “NH WORKS OJT: Making An Impact” video.

Written by Joe Di Zazzo, President & CEO
Formatted & Posted by Jason Rourke, Director of Marketing
ProfitKey International
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