State Grants Help Local Manufacturing Companies

If you are a small to mid-sized manufacturer and are interested in growing your business, a state grant or private funding could very well be a viable option for you.  The manufacturing moneyUnited States Government and the manufacturing industry have teamed up in both public, and private, partnerships to create an extensive network of programs and services dedicated to helping small manufacturers. State grants have assisted companies to start their business, expand operations, implement management software, train staff, and, most importantly, become profitable. Don’t fall into the mindset that you are not eligible for public or private funding, as you could be surprised where potential assistance could come from.

ProfitKey has guided many of its customers to achieve local funding and state grants which gave them free, yet invaluable aid to the growth of their company. McAlpin, with the assistance of the RTMA (Rochester Tooling & Machining Association), was able to provide additional training to employees and was even provided a company profile video to help promote the company, shown here. Government help and local funding has been vital to DeWys Manufacturing and its DeWys University program.

Below is a case study from our friends at the General Machine Company of NJ (Gemco), who successfully applied, was granted, and utilized grants from their home state of New Jersey. This process was assisted with the help of ProfitKey’s Debbie McCall:

“I have had past experiences with the NJEMEP.  Every few years we ask them if we are eligible for a training grant and let them know areas of the business where we need resources to grow.  They see if any of their existing programs would be a fit. I told them how we had two systems that were critical to running Gemco successfully—SuperOffice CRM and ProfitKey ERP.  One is a contact management resource and the other, an ERP system to monitor and control the work flow of a job.  We wanted a training grant to properly train our users on the functionality of these systems.  Systems are great if all users are using them the same way.  Gemco’s management is all for yearly training to keep all users using the databases correctly.

NJMEP suggested a customized training grant and with the help of Debbie McCall at Profit Key and Eirik Simonsen at SuperOffice we developed our courses.  The courses range from general sessions on preferences and navigation to in depth discussions on how to use a new module within the system. 

Everyone in Gemco’s office is using Super Office and Profit Key; It is a big undertaking, but completely necessary to stay successful!”

Casey Muench
Operations Manager

ProfitKey has been involved in helping our customers attain grant money for many years.  The people at the NJMEP were very helpful to answer any questions I had in completing the application, references and a detailed Tactical Program to address GEMCO’s training needs.  With the availability of grant money thru NJMEP, GEMCO can educate their users and ultimately produce a better and more competitive product.  That is a win-win situation.

Debbie McCall
Account Manager

There are various programs to apply for and take advantage of, and the process is certainly worth the small amount of time taken to do so. ProfitKey, directly, has even utilized similar programs. Earlier this year, they took advantage of New Hampshire’s OJT (On-The-Job Training) which gave assistance to the hiring and training of their new IT Support Tech position. Click here for the full story.

Check out SBA’s manufacturing page and scroll down to locate financing programs for your particular state. If you have questions or need additional help to find out how you be given government aid towards software and/or training, feel free to connect with us here.

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