Blog Plan: Intrigue, Educate, Involve, Inspire

In our quest to become closer with customers, manufacturers, IT and software professionals, and the marketplace in general, the term “Blog” keeps reappearing.  Though the idea of starting a blog seemed like a daunting and unfamiliar task at first, we now believe in the potential value it can add to not only our company but hopefully to many others out there like you. 

In the complicated world of ERP software our goal is to make manufacturers’ lives easier and more productive, and we hope to use this blog to accomplish part of that mission.  As we discussed the specific goals for our blog, a few words stood out to us:  Intrigue, Educate, Involve, and Inspire.  To truly provide value we must accomplish at least one of these ideas or we will have failed. 

We will be ourselves—straight forward, personal, open, and passionate, and we hope to create a long-lasting relationship with our blog readers.  We want to communicate with you, not at you.  So feel free to comment, question, debate, and share whatever is on your mind.  We look forward with great anticipation to what we can learn from each other and the relationships we will forge. 


Joe DiZazzo, President and CEO

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